I should have known something was up when a week before our trip, they changed our accomodations. I called because I was concerned and of course they smoothed things over.

We get to Branson and the directions to their office our incorrect. I just don't feel like they had us in mind.

Get to the hotel they booked and I should've went w/my gut feeling. It was horrible. The free breakfast they promised was cereal! We did npt enjoy it at all.

Needless to say, I won't use their service or recommend it to anyone else.

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We just visited Branson through Branson Getaways in early October. We had a great trip.

Our accomodations were excellent. Our meals were exactly as promised. (we even got to see a free show by Barbara Fairchild and her husband at the Golden Corral) I got everything that I was promised and received no pressure on the time share presentation.

I just received another offer as a VIP guest that I am taking advantage of. Ithink kelly from KC is right on...Blame yourselves if you are not happy.


So if you do not buy into the timesharing after taking the tour, then that means you do not qualify anf you are charged the full amount of the package - right?

to Ray #670502

is this true ? 6-27-13

to Ray Columbia, Missouri, United States #909292

Incorrect. You are not required to buy the timeshare....just sit through the presentation. I wouldn't do it if there was an obligation to purchase!


My Wife set up a vacation package with Branson Getaways, She became very Ill with Cancer. It's been one month since she has passed now.

I called to request a refund for our package, and explained the situation to them, and being the respectable company they are, NO Refund.

Whats wrong with these people, Greed, they are a scam, just interested in taking your money, I have heard since of many other complaints about them scamming people, altered services, etc. do not give these people your money, it's a Scam, They lie, they are jerks.


I've booked with Branson Getaways several times in the last 10 or so years. We always get a great deal, but we also know up front that the unbelievable deals come with a requirement that we attend a "Time Share/Vacation Ownership" sales pitch.

We stayed 2 nights in the Grand Country Inn (w/indoor waterpark), received $50.00 and a $50 Red Lobster Gift Certificate for like $159.00. You really can't beat that.

I think the people who get upset about what they think they purchased are not taking the time to listen to what's being offered. Don't blame the salespeople or Branson Getaways, blame yourselves for not being concious consumers!

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